Inspired by The Shoe That Grows. Redesigned for your family.


The expanding sandal - a perfect fit for growing kids.

Our Story

Our goal is simple

We want to get as many life-changing shoes as we can to incredible kids all around the world - and you've convinced us that by making our sandals available here in America, we can better deliver on that mission. For the past year we’ve focused on the design of our shoes – a design that is the best shoe for kids living in poverty and also functional, durable, and comfortably-designed for kids and families everywhere.

We’re launching under the brand name GroFive, and we're thrilled to announce our first product – Expandals! Just like The Shoe That Grows, Expandals increase in size to keep up with your child's growing feet, and will come in a variety of fun colors and designs.

The Shoe That Grows will always remain a nonprofit, while GroFive and Expandals will be the commercial side of our growing shoes and will help support The Shoe That Grows by giving back to kids in need for every pair of Expandals that is sold.

So what is GroFive?

GroFive is committed to the relentless pursuit of "better" – better products through design, intention, and mission. The word "Gro" definitely connects with our signature product, and "Five" stands for five good things that come with every pair of shoes we sell:

1. Good for a Kid: By buying a pair of Expandals, you help us get more pairs of The Shoe That Grows to children living in extreme poverty.

2. Good for a Worker: Each donated pair of The Shoe That Grows is produced in the areas where they are being distributed – bringing jobs and increased economy to developing countries

3. Good for the Earth: Expandals are able to replace 2, 3, 4 or more pairs of shoes that would normally be used. Our innovative and durable design means fewer shoes in a landfill.

4. Good for a Family: Shoes are an expensive part of a family's budget. But when a shoe can grow with a child's foot – that means fewer pairs need to be purchased. Less money going to shoes means more money that a family can spend on other important things.

5. Good for the Future: Hopefully the innovative spirit of GroFive can inspire the next great ideas for products that can help people who need it most.

Watch for our launch on Kickstarter!

We can't wait to hear what everyone says about Expandals –  we sincerely hope you love them as much as we do. We're also offering a special discount to everyone who signs up now, and we'll keep you informed as soon as the Expandal launches.

Thanks for your support and joining us in our relentless pursuit of "better!"