Frequently Asked Questions

Do these really work? And do they last?

Yes! And yes! Expandals expand up to 5 sizes by allowing for adjustment at the toe and heel for length and at the sides for width. 

It doesn't matter if it grows if it doesn't last. Our story starts with our nonprofit and the work we do for kids living in poverty. For over three years now we've been getting our growing footwear to kids all around the world. These kids live in all types of terrain and many wear them all day every day. We've been fortunate to receive many of these pairs back after years of use, analyzing wear patterns and potential failure points.

Additionally, we've worked with materials and testing experts to perfect a design that will last season after season by reinforcing areas where kids are hardest on shoes. Our cofounder Kenton has worn the same pair every day for three years and going!

Why adult sizes?

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many adults want to wear our sandals! Maybe it’s because of the look, it’s probably because of the incredibly comfortable fit, but it might also be because they’ve told us they love our story. And they love the idea of wearing footwear with purpose and telling others that notice them about our mission.

We encourage you to try Expandals for yourself! They're designed to be functional, durable, comfortable, and FUN!

What size should I choose?

Feet still growing? Pick your (or your child’s) current size and watch Expandals grow up to 5 sizes. Feet done growing? We recommend ordering two sizes smaller than your current size (wear a 7? Choose a 5!) and they’ll fit perfectly forever right at the middle setting!

Do you ship internationally?

We're offering international shipping to select countries. International shipping can be a bit expensive and you should also understand that if you are located outside the US, you are responsible for the shipping charge and also any taxes, duty, VAT etc. that customs in your country may charge you in order to receive the package. Most shipments go through without any charges, but we can’t guarantee that. We have a limited budget and unfortunately can’t be responsible for these charges.

Please call your local post office or DHL office to learn more if you have concerns about what these charges could be.

International orders can not be returned or exchanged at the moment.

My child has irregularly shaped feet, or a condition where one foot is larger than the other. Will these work for them?

We’ve been incredibly blessed to hear from parent after parent whose child may have certain needs when it comes to shoes. Conditions like CLOVES syndrome or Apert’s syndrome can lead to foot abnormalities including large, wide, or uneven feet.

In addition, we’ve heard from adults whose feet may swell from time to time or also may be uneven.

When we invented our footwear we were trying to solve the age-old problem of kids outgrowing our shoes. But we’ve been pleasantly surprised to learn that our footwear solves additional, challenging problems. When feet are abnormally shaped or uneven this can lead to shoes not fitting properly and sometimes worsening the condition. In other cases, parents have to buy two pairs of shoes in different sizes so that a child can have the correct size for each foot. Or even more expensive, sometimes custom shoes must be designed and made.

As we hear story after story about how our sandals have provided the first-ever “perfect fit”, we’re excited for you to try our sandals if you’re in a similar situation. Let us know how they fit. We’d love to learn how we can continue to solve challenges like this!

When I buy a pair, I notice I can pay an extra $15 so a child in need gets a pair. Who gets the pairs and is it the same sandals that I get or a lower quality version?

Great question. If you’re familiar with our story you know it all started with “The Shoe That Grows”. The idea, design, and durability are all inspired by our mission to get the most functional and durable footwear to kids struggling with poverty all around the world

Now that we have a version that we know kids in America love, we want to better serve kids in our own communities with fun, long-lasting footwear.

Your extra $15 allows us to get THE EXACT SAME PAIR to a child here in the US that doesn’t have access to properly fitting footwear. Keep in touch with us on social media and in our newsletter to hear about specific groups receiving Expandals!

What’s your Return & Exchange policy?

Need to return or exchange? We’re here to help! Please email

Why hasn't this already been invented by large shoe companies?

Well….we're not entirely sure. But we do know that most business models rely on developing loyal customers who will buy new pairs of shoes for their kids every 3 to 6 months as they outgrow their current pair, or that pair falls apart. That's great for the company's bottom line, not so good for families. We have a relentless pursuit to change this.