“When I reflected on my childhood, I saw malaria is something that really traumatized me. When I researched about how many kids die from malaria in Uganda, it was very shocking. I felt connected to the problem, and I wanted to do something about it.”

Joan Nalubega is the founder of Uganics, a Ugandan-based company producing organic, mosquito repellent soap. The mission of the organization is to work towards a malaria-free world by offering their natural repellent formula in affordable, daily use products.  

Uganics works with local women to farm soap ingredients and then sells their products to travelers and hotels at market cost. These sales allow them to fund malaria prevention educational campaigns and sell the soap at a discount in local communities.  

Joan joined the Because Accelerator in 2019 to work with Kenton Lee and the Because team. She was impressed by the concept of experienced social entrepreneurs sharing their expertise to help other innovative ventures succeed.

“Having to really reflect on these things [at Uganics] has been so helpful for me. [Kenton] doesn’t [tell] you what to do, but he helps you brainstorm on what you can do about that challenge and how to overcome them.”