It all started with a couple kids living in Nampa, Idaho that met in the second grade, became fast friends and eventually graduated high school and then college together.

Andrew stayed in Idaho and joined a tech startup while Kenton traveled and for about a year lived and worked at an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. He met a little girl in a white dress who changed the course of his life. She was wearing shoes that were way too small. She actually cut off the front of her shoes so her toes could stick out and she could continue to wear them.

When he got back to Idaho, he told Andrew about that little girl and a question that had lingered. There’s so much innovation in America, but who is solving problems for those around the world who need it most – kids struggling with poverty? Could we invent a shoe for these kids? Could we get them shoes that actually grow with them and are built to last?

It took over 5 years to start our nonprofit and invent “The Shoe That Grows" —
footwear that increases 5 sizes and lasts for years. Through our nonprofit organization, more than 400,000 pairs have been donated to children in over 100 countries.

Along the way, notes started coming in from families everywhere that wanted to buy our shoes. It took some time, but eventually we were convinced that by making footwear available to you, we could get even more pairs to kids in need around the world. After more than a year of collaboration with footwear industry experts, designers and manufacturers, we’ve perfected our latest design to ensure the highest quality, durability, and comfort. We’re calling them Expandals and offering them through GroFive – a Benefit Corporation focused on better children’s products through design and mission.

We’re thrilled to offer Expandals to you and your family!